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A Day in the Life Episode 2

Two years ago, I had fun writing a post to document a day in the life of my college career. I love looking back on that time and I’m so glad I did it! My goal was to do it every year, but since last year I was a new mom, I felt like there was no “regular” for me and I felt self-conscious. TOTALLY REGRET THAT NOW so I’m redeeming myself with a day in the life of a stay at home mom, raising a one year old.

The trick is to choose a random day you’re going to do it, and then follow through no matter what. If you over think it, it’ll be less authentic.

It rained all day and I didn’t have any real errands to run, so this is really just a documentation of laundry day in the Johnson Home! It was a surprisingly good and productive day though, so I’m excited to share it with you.

BEFORE I GO ON…Really, you guys. This is an accurate representation of an abnormally smooth day. These days do exist, but I have crazy days just as often. Days where I get thrown up on, days where Leah refuses to nap, days where I don’t feel like doing a darn thing. And seriously every day after this for the rest of the was freaking hard. Just had to get that out in the open. 😉

6:30–I wake up and realize I slept all night. I celebrate. I think, “well, I might as well get up and do some stuff before Leah wakes up.” I roll over, and then fall back asleep until 7:30 when Leah waking up over the monitor. Ooooops #worthit

I jump out of bed and leave the room, and realize the whole apartment is dark, and I remember that Mark needed to go into work early.

I walk into Leah’s room and she’s happily chatting away with her puppy and then jumps up so I can pull her out of the crib. We sit in the rocking chair for a second and snuggle (the two minutes she’ll give me every day), and then she spies the book from the library she’s currently obsessed with (she laughs every time she sees this book!) and we read it a few times before I change her diaper.

We go out into the front room,  I get breakfast prepped and while I do, I ask Alexa to play songs by the Ramones. they’re always good to pump me up when I’m tired or cleaning.

I prep breakfast for Leah and me. Lately she’s been refusing to let go of Puppy to eat…so I make sure as soon as I take him away that he’s still watching. also She’s got a killer cowlick going on. While I eat I text my brother Dallin about one of the songs I’m listening to. (He’s the punk that got me listening to the Ramones in the first place.)

I clean up breakfast, eat my gummy vitamins, and then change into my workout clothes. Leah finds her toothbrush and her hat and looks adorable, per usual.

We pose for a picture, I get my workout pulled up on the TV and then Leah plays around me while I exercise.

I do my Daily Burn 365 workout like I do almost every morning. I started Daily Burn back in January and I cannot rave about it enough. I never loved cardio workouts, or most workouts in general, but Daily Burn has helped me fall in love with exercise and I’m stronger and in better shape than I ever have been in my entire life. I love it because the workouts are different every day and since they rotate through the same trainers it’s fun to get to know them and their different workout styles.

The workouts are always a good mix of cardio and strength training with a little bit of yoga/pilates type stuff mixed in. On this day, however, they had a guest. Which was new for me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

and OH MY GOSH IT WAS HILARIOUS. It was an exercise called IntenSati, and if you know about it and love it, I’m sorry, but I could not take it seriously! It’s like a group of cheerleaders joined a cult lead by a southern Baptist preacher. There’s all this affirmation chanting going on, “Health! Wealth! Confidence! Strength!” and “My Body is a Temple!” “I am stronger today! I am better in every way!” Lots of people who do daily burn were super touched by the end of it and even shed a tear. I might’ve too, from laughter.

If you sign up for Daily Burn, I promise it’s not like this all the time. Or any of the time, expect for this day! It was still a good workout though and I definitely got my sweat on and met all the goals on my watch for that day. But it just wasn’t my style. BUT SERIOUSLY YOU SHOULD DO DAILY BURN IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY. #notasponser #justobsessed (The home page says it’s 19.95 a month but there are options for 12.95 a month or 125 a year. That’s what I do and you still get so many perks!)

I’m sure Emily (my sister-in-law) who also does daily burn, enjoyed my videos I sent her on Marco Polo of me doing the workout 😉

Also Marco Polo is the best app ever and I use it every day to keep in touch with my family, Mark’s family, and my BFFs! It’s so fun! If you’re wanting to get rid of snapchat this is a great alternative. Plus you can talk to me all day so that’s cool.

Anyway. Working out with Leah is sometimes a challenge but she’s pretty good at entertaining herself. This time she insisted on playing the piano while I exercised.

While I shower, Leah eats goldfish and watches Daniel Tiger on the iPad.

I get dressed, open up all the blinds and see that it’s still raining and cloudy and I have no plans to go anywhere. And that’s the extend of getting ready haha. I don’t know why I wore all black, but any chance to wear my Paul McCartney shirt I got 7 years ago at the concert!

I get Leah ready for her first nap and she’s actually pretty tired and falls asleep while drinking her milk, which usually doesn’t happen! So I lay her in her crib with her puppy. She immediately rolls over and I have to snap a picture because I don’t see her asleep very often anymore! Aww.

While she sleeps, I read the scriptures and munch on some trail mix. I decide to catch up on a journal entry I started the day before and that takes just a couple of minutes. I’ve started this new journal format my friend Megan showed me. It’s from this blog and it’s been so fun! It’s so much quicker and I feel like my documenting is more deliberate than just saying “today I blah blah blah.”

After that I ask Alexa (my home girl) to play the Dave Ramsey show and I do a quick tidy-up on the house. I get my kitchen and living room done and then I move onto my bathroom, and Leah wakes up while I’m tidying my room. It was only like a 45 minute nap but it’s all good because I know she’ll take a longer one in the afternoon.

I walk into Leah’s room and she’s just having a blast in her crib talking to Puppy, so I talk and laugh with her while I put away a few things in her room.

I get her out of her crib and I do her hair. She makes a mess while I start laundry and plays with her blocks and things while I prep lunch.

I eat this southwest bean/corn mix I got from the frozen section. I bought it a while back and used it in some soup and then my friend Jenn posted about eating it for lunch with salsa, so I had to try it, and it’s delicious. (I had to add a tiny bit of sour cream though.) Leah kinda likes it but prefers the cheese stick and a fruit pouch.

I clean up lunch, start the dishwasher and rotate laundry.

Then I join Leah on the floor and we put cars and balls on this spiral track toy, which she does until she starts throwing the ball and going after it. (She’s part puppy.) We play “catch” or “fetch” for a while and then read some books, blow bubbles, play with her picnic basket, and then she wants to climb on everything. Normally we’d do this kind of stuff outside or go for a walk, but it was pouring and I’m not about that life.

I turn on the TV (I’m watching season 9 of 7th Heaven…I’ve been watching that show for like a decade now but I’ve never seen it all the way through and I’ve never seen past season 7!) We let the TV play in the background while Leah plays some more, practices drawing with her RIGHT hand which she has been doing a lot lately even though that makes me sad. I wanted her to be a lefty like me! Oh well 😉

While she draws I make a list of things we need to do and things we need to get rid of before we move to Utah!

I fold the dry clothes on top of the washer so that Leah doesn’t get into them. I haaaate folding clothes and I’ve found the best way for me to stay on top of laundry is to fold clothes as I pull them out of the dryer. Otherwise I end up with a huge wrinkly mountain and that’s the worst.

Shout out to Marie Kondo for helping me keep my closet organized!

Leah eats a little bit of yogurt, and then it’s about 2:15 and she’s actin tired so we get ready for her afternoon nap.

She drinks her milk, we sing a few songs, and I lay her in her crib awake and leave the room. She cries out for just a second but then is happy again talking to her puppy. I hear her do that over the monitor for a few minutes but she falls asleep pretty quickly.

I reply to a Marco Polo from Emily and look up fun things to do in the Bountiful, UT area and scroll through Instagram. Then I put laundry away and go hang out on the couch where I decide to read my book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’ve been familiar with the book for years but I figured it’s about time I actually read it. It’s good so far! Except my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier and I actually dozed off for like 10 minutes.

I wake up, decide reading probably isn’t the best if I don’t want to take a nap (I’m not against naps, I just can’t take them past a certain point or I won’t sleep at night.)  so I get on Facebook and remember to comment in a book club group I’m part of from the Wit Logs about the last book I read, All the Bright Places. Sometimes I’ll be more productive during Leah’s afternoon nap, but I’m all about balance and I like having time to relax too.

I get a random and hilarious video sent to me from Mark’s little brother, and start working on some Project Life App pages, but then Leah wakes up. It’s about 4:15 now. I go in to get Leah and I am hit with a wall of stink. So we change her diaper again (which is always a wrestling match) and play in her room for a few minutes.

Then I listen to a news podcast while I rotate the laundry again (gosh this is so RIVETING!) and unload the dishwasher. Leah “helps.” I let her have the silverware thing and put a few forks in it and this seriously entertains her for half an hour. She carries it all over, taking the forks out, putting them back in again. While she does that, I start dinner and get sad that I don’t have any yummy thing to bake because baking is always awesome on a rainy day. But then I find frozen bananas so I make chocolate chip banana muffins while I cook dinner.

Around 5:30 Leah decides she wants in on the action which is  a little tricky sometimes, but I hold her on my hip while I cook. Then Mark comes in and Leah’s face is priceless. He is the best dad EVER so he takes her immediately and starts dancing with her. I asked Alexa to play 70s music after my podcast, so they’re dancing to Elton John. Mark entertains Leah while I finish dinner.

We eat. I use eMeals to plan my meals and shopping lists (lifesaver!) so tonight was a summer cobb salad with chicken, hard boiled eggs, avocado, peas, onion, and strawberries with balsamic vinaigrette. I’m not a chef or a photographer. But it was tasty!

Leah enjoyed the random ingredients, but mostly the strawberries.

It’s stopped raining now, so after we finish eating we leave the mess and decide to take a walk.

Mark tells me about a health podcast he’s been into lately and we have a really random and long conversation about breathing hahahaha.

Leah insists on taking off her socks and shoes so we pause for a second. After about 10 minutes she’s decided she’s had it with her stroller so we turn around and Mark carries and plays with her the whole walk back. (which included pulling leaves off trees and getting raindrops all over me! haha)

When we get home we eat banana muffins, I share mine with Leah. She brings me a couple of books to read, so we do that and then start a bath. Mark cleans up the kitchen and living room while I get Leah to bed. We like to switch it up, but tonight I chose Leah duty! I hate doing dishes if I’m the one who cooked so we have a good system.

She loves baths and sometimes does not like it when they end.

We do the whole shebang…diaper, lotion, pajamas…I think about what I thought putting lotion on my baby would be like…and how it actually is…less just say it involves a lot more pouncing/capturing and not really any cuddling.

We read some more, she drinks her milk, we sing some songs, say a prayer, kiss and hug goodnight and she’s in her crib.

I leave the room and she’s kind of upset so I talk in the monitor for a second and she’s happy again.

I thought she’d fall asleep in 15 minutes or so, but she would not go to sleep! It seems like the sun being up longer has really made her feel the need to not go to sleep until 9pm. It’s happened all week. Oh well, once she’s asleep she sleeps good so I can’t complain.

While I wait for her to sleep we fold and put away the rest of the laundry.

One thing Mark and I have done in the last few months is give ourselves a little bit of alone time after Leah’s asleep. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, sometimes it’s 40, but we love being able to read our own books, or work on our own projects instead of the two of us staring at the TV until one of us says “Should we go to bed?” like we used to do. This is usually when I work on a documenting project. Mark is so helpful the second he gets home so it’s good for him to have some time to read for enjoyment which he doesn’t get to do very often, or he’ll go for a run.

This evening though was harder since Leah was having a hard time falling asleep. I was happy I chose to read and relax earlier in the day.

We don’t do this awesome routine every night, especially on the nights where we have a show we want to watch together. But it’s been good for several reasons. Then after that we feel refreshed and we have fun talking more while we get ready for bed.

We end up staying up too late talking about our budget and moving, and I know I’m gonna feel it the next morning. It was a good conversation though! We say our prayers and fall asleep.

and that’s a wrap!

This day was easier than others, but I’m glad I’ll have this to look back on, especially on the hard days. It’ll help me remember that it’s not all stressful and crazy. I love days when we get together with friends, and days where we have more places to go. But this helps me see that days at home with Leah can be really, really good.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life Episode 2

  1. What a fun post! I’ve been wanting to try on these. It was fun to see a peek inside your everyday life. Even if this was one of your “smoother” days, it’s clear you’re rocking mom life!

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the journal format I shared on my post. Thanks for the shout out!


    • It’s been so fun!! It’s also really good to think of how I was awesome that day. It’s SO HARD but a really good mental exercise 😉


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